P-Life Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic Technology
P-Life is a patented additive technology that makes polyolefin polymers, considered as non-biodegradable polymers, into Oxo-Biodegradable polymers.
By controlling the dosage on P-Life additives added into ordinary PE or PP plastics, the life cycle and biodegradation rate of P-Life products became programmable. After the expiration date, P-Life products can degrade under natural environment into H₂O、CO₂ and biomass (it does not need to be carried out in specific industrial facilities). P-Life technology meets current international standards of biodegradability and non-ecotoxicity.
Specifically, P-Life products stimulate their own abiotic  degradation and biological degradation naturally. The polymerized molecular weight of the long-chain molecules of ordinary plastics will be descended under 5000 Daltons ultimately, in which substance is an internationally recognized non-plastic material. And it has become small fragments of a material that is inherently biodegradable in the open environment (i.e. substances that allow microorganisms to swallow and digest).

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Are P-Life Products Certified ?